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Telecom Rack Mount Rectifier System For Satellite Communication Ground Station
  • Telecom Rack Mount Rectifier System For Satellite Communication Ground Station
  • Telecom Rack Mount Rectifier System For Satellite Communication Ground Station

Telecom Rack Mount Rectifier System For Satellite Communication Ground Station

Place of Origin Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
Brand Name ESTEL
Certification ISO9001, CE, 3C, FCC, TLC
Model Number GPE48350G
Product Details
Installation Mode:
Output Power:
Input Voltage:
Mobile Communication
Satellite Communication Ground Station
Input Frequency:
Power Factor:
Max. Input Current:
High Light: 

telecom rectifier module


dc rectifier system

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
carton/wooden case
Delivery Time
7-10 working days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, , T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
20,000 sets per month
Product Description


Telecom Rack Mount Rectifier System For Satellite Communication Ground Station


Quick Details:


Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China (Mainland) Input Voltage: AC220V
Brand Name: ESTEL Output Voltage: DC48V
Model Number: GPE48350G Output Power: 18725W
Product Name: Telecom Rectifier System Input Frequency 45~65Hz
Certification: ISO9001, CE, 3C, FCC, TLC Max. Input Current: 40A
Installation Mode: embedded Power Factor: 0.98
Application: outdoor telecom cabinet


      7×50A rectifier module,

      1×monitoring module,

      power distribution


Payment & Shipping Terms:


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiation
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 20,000 sets per month
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days
Packaging Details: carton/wooden case


1. System Configuration


The system consists of power distribution unit, rectifier module (from 1 set, up to 7 sets) and 1 monitoring module. The configuration is optional, as following table:


Configuration Rectifier Module Monitoring Module Power Distribution
Standard GPR4850D GPM48P (With Ethernet Port)

AC power distribution: single phase input, AC breaker @ general line (100A/2P);

DC power distribution: battery 100A*4(fuse);

LVLD: 63A×3 32A×5 16A×4 (MCB capacity optional)

LVBD: 32A×3 16A×4(MCB capacity optional)


2. Operating Principle


AC power is first input AC-INPUT MCB and then feed into the rectifier module after lightning proof and filtering. AC-INPUT acts as protection to over load and short circuit to AC power. The user’s battery is connected to the DC output side through MCB BAT and KM2, and the circuit breaker provides disconnection control, over-load and short-circuit protection to the battery.

Under normal conditions, every parameter of rectifier modules and power distribution unit are all under control of the monitoring module, operating according to the pre-set parameter or user’s commands. If AC mains faults, the battery will power to the system. With the battery discharge, the terminal voltage of the battery starts to descend. When battery voltage is under -47V±0.5V, the monitoring module sends DC under voltage alarm signal and when battery voltage is under -46.0V±0.5V (adjustable), the KM1cuts off non-priority loads and retaining power to priority loads. If battery voltage drops to -43.0V±0.5V (adjustable), the KM2 will cut off output of priority loads and then the power system will stop working. If the external AC mains recovers, the system will normally work again. (All above monitoring data are system default values and can be reset by user).
Except for battery over-discharge protection, battery or load over-temperature protection is prohibitive under default, users can send command to activate or inactivate according to the demanding.


3. System Properties


Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Remark
Operating temperature -25   55 °C When ≥55°C, decreased power output
Storage temperature -40   80 °C  
Humidity 10   90 % Relative humidity without condensing
Atmospheric pressure 70   106 KPa  
Altitude 0   3000 m  
Cooling Forced cooling with fan


Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Remark
Input voltage range 90 220 290 Vac  
Input frequency 45 50 65 Hz  
Max. Input current     40 A  
Power factor 0.98       Rated load
Input over voltage protection point 300     Vac Automatically recoverable
Input over voltage recovery point 290     Vac Return difference ≥5V
Input under voltage protection point     85 Vac Automatically recoverable
Input under voltage recovery point     90 Vac Return difference ≥5V
Input over current protection         MCB in AC Input supply protection


Output (Table 1)
Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Remark
Output voltage 42 53.5 58 Vdc Adjustable by monitor, tested in no load
Output power   18725   W 18725W output when input voltage is 176~290VAC (rated power includes battery charging power plus load power)
  9350   W 90~175VAC input
Output over voltage protection point 58.5   60.5 Vdc Lock up
Output current limiting protection point         Output current limiting protection
Output short circuit protection         Long-term short circuit protection, automatically recoverable
Over temperature protection         Automatically recoverable in ambient temperature lower than 65°C
Battery power-down protection         Battery power-down protection
Battery polarities reversal connection protection         No damage on battery and power system
Voltage regulation accuracy     ±1 %  


Output (Table 2)
Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Remark
Temperature coefficient     ±0.2 ‰/℃  
Current sharing unbalance     ±5 % Within 50~100% load range
Start-up/shut-down overshoot range     ±5 % Any module is removed when operating, (the load current should be less than total output current of working rectifier modules), the system output voltage fluctuates
Dynamic response recovery time     200 uS

25%~50%~25% load variation

50%~75%~50% load variation

Dynamic response overshoot     ±5 % Rated output voltage, rated load current
Efficiency 91 92   % 220Vac input, rated output voltage, rated load current
83     % 110Vac input, rated output voltage, rated load current
Start-up time 3   8 S pre-current limiting is fitted with start-up output between rated start up input voltage and rated output voltage established period
Pressure drop     500 mV  
Peak-peak noise voltage     200 mV  
Psophometrically weighted noise voltage     2 mV  


Other Parameters
Item Requirement
Acoustic noise ≤55dB(A)
Smelling any abnormal and poisonous smelling is not allowed
Components rated temperature of the electrolytic capacitor ≥105℃
Hot swappable the rectifier module meets the hot-swappable requirement
Mixed insertion rectifier modules can be mixed insertion
Ineffective separation rectifier module can separate with system when it is ineffective
Cooling forced cooling by fan mounted on rectifier, face in, back out. The fan is mounted on rectifier front panel; can be disassembled. Fans include temperature control speed adjusting function.


Insulation Rating
Parameters Min. Typical Max. Unit Remark
Input-chassis   3535   Vdc  
Input-output   3535   Vdc  
Output-chassis   1414   Vdc  
Insulating Resistance In normal atmospheric pressure, when relative humidity is 90%, testing voltage is 500VDC, the insulating resistance of input-output, input-grounding, output-grounding are all ≥10MΩ


4. Mechanical Properties


Mechanical specifications
Dimensions (Overall) as the following diagram

≤43.5kg (Inclusive of module)

≤25kg (Frame + Distribution, exclusive of module)


Telecom Rack Mount Rectifier System For Satellite Communication Ground Station 0

5. Electrical Connection

Chassis connects with external electric through system interface board. As shown in figure below:


Telecom Rack Mount Rectifier System For Satellite Communication Ground Station 1


MCB descriptions:


1. Single-phase AC input MCB and rail type connector;

2. AC SPD;

3. LOAD (-): system load- (7 MCBs,LVBD);

4. LOAD (+): system load+ and BAT (+): battery+ (copper bar at front of system)

5. LOAD (-): system load- (12 MCBs,LVLD);

6. BAT (-): battery- (fuse)


6. Application


(1) Small scale program controlled exchangers

(2) Access network

(3) Transmission equipment

(4) Mobile communication

(5) Satellite communication ground station

(6) Microwave communication


7. Feature


(1) Adoption of active power factor compensation technology with factor >0.98

(2) Wide operating range of AC input voltage: 90~290Vac

(3) Operating temperature range: -25°C~+55°C

(4) Zero current/voltage switching tech with high efficiency ≥91%

(5) Lifecycle of battery prolonged by perfect battery management, including electrical charge/discharge management, battery temperature compensation, battery capacity test, reversal connection proof protection, low voltage protection etc.

(6) Hot-swappable

(7) Input over/under voltage protection

(8) Output over voltage protection

(9) Output over current protection

(10) Output short circuit protection

(11) Auto current sharing, parallel output

(12) Embedded mounting


8. Packing and Shipping


Telecom Rack Mount Rectifier System For Satellite Communication Ground Station 2


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